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Artist statement about fine art cemetery photography

All originals are colour slides (traditional analogous photography). These are scanned and solely compressed and the copyright signs are added. No color manipulations nor any changes in format appear. All this are the reasons, why I call them unfalsified originals.

Ivy on a thombstone Cologne, Germany, Cemetery Melaten - Paris-Verdun (war-graves monument) Cologne, Germany, Cemetery Melaten - Entrance of a family's grave Koblenz, Germany, French Cemetery - Graveyard Angel (relief)

Each great cemetery resembles a labyrinth. It is nearly impossible, to explore it complete on the fly. Therefore, it is a little symbol, that the here presented pictures also seem to have no directly recognizable order. Rather, the visitor of this pages has always to select from various different previews (thumbnails) and by this means he determines his whole personal approach to this pictures. Likewise he will meet pictures "seen-before" (unexpected) on diffent ways again. At least - reluctantly a wide-spread inclination to completeness - he must finally go through doubts, if he really has seen all images which are available here of if not ...

Urn Cologne, Germany, Cemetery Melaten - Sorrowing angel leaning at a cross Cologne, Germany, Cemetery Melaten - Mausoleum of a family Cologne, Germany, Cemetery Melaten - Figure of an angel Hand, showing the way

Here and now you can search your complete personal way through
Crossing the Cemetery.