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General Order Information "FAQ" -
How to order fine art prints


If you are a fine art photography collector, see some further information here ...


Please note: You order fine art photography with a "risk-free option" ...

Well, Art Lovers, I understand: you enjoy this work, but you are in doubt about something. Maybe, you are unsure, if the colors of the picture are well matched with those of your furniture etc. ...

I want to give us both a win-win-position as follows: after you received your prints, you have 14 days time to decide, if you want to keep them or not. If you dislike the prints by any reason, only write this down for me (one or two short sentences, just as a feedback for me to understand) and tell me, if you want a new or another print (otherwise tell me to pay back your money). Return them in the original packaging to my adress.

After that, you will receive a new or another print, or - if you decided so - you get your money back (so that you only had to pay the shipments). If any print was damaged and therefore is unuseful for a next customer, I pay back 80% of its price to you.


How can one pay the ordered photos ?

If you pay in Euro, I hope that there will be no problems at all to send me a cheque.

If you pay in US-Dollar, the amount will be derived from the actual exchange rate, which is roundabout 1:1 (in 2002). I will pick this from my newspaper or from the internet. Exchange costs will be added. For details, see the confirmation mail, which you receive after submitting your order form.

If you want to pay in another currency, let me know this by mail.


How much is the shipping cost ?

Shipping costs will be added to the total amount of your order. See the confirmation mail, which you receive after submitting your order form.