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Fine art photography collecting with Andrigamo

Read here, how Andrigamo supports you, if you are a fine art collector and enjoy Andrigamo's fine art photography for your collection.
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Nearly everybody collecting fine art appreciates the rarity of a certain artwork. Andrigamo uses a clear strategy about numbering and recognition of the concrete edition to support this.

What about numbering ?

First, there will be no signs or signatures on the front of the photos. Signs, that you will find on the back of every picture are the following:

1. The complete number of the photo,
2. continued by the phrase "xy Edition" (where xy is a unique number)
3. continued by a unique counter number,
4. finally a hand-sign from the artist, ANDRIGAMO.

Example: 2001F019.12 - 1st Edition, #02. - Andrigamo.

This means: Picture Number 2001F019.12, first edition, second print.


What ist the 1st edition ?

Each of this photos will be copied only fifty (50) times at the moment. The counter number will begin with "01" and it will stop with "50". After that, you cannot buy any more copies of this edition here for the next years.


Will there be exceptionally more copies at the moment ?

Yes. Additionally, Andrigamo himself will have about one up to ten copies for his personal use (references, exhibitions, gifts etc.). These copies will be signed "#00" and may or may not be in a different format.


Will there be more editions later ?

The idea is, that (after the 1st edition is sold) there will be no more offer for the next 20 years. Later, there may or may not be another (second) edition. Naturally this will be signed.